How To Reduce Global Warming

Global warming affects our plant every day and can cause major environmental implications if not addressed. It is the result of planet Earth releasing more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In reviewing how to reduce global warming, many individuals have turned to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide they personally release into the atmosphere. This is also known as a personís carbon footprint, and it can have a major impact on reducing global warming.

Try Carpooling with Friends or Co-Workers

Cars are one of the biggest creators of carbon dioxide gas in the air. The burning of fuel in cars and trucks and the emissions created as a result of this burning is causing global warming to increase on a daily basis. However, by choosing to commute in larger groups with other individuals via a carpool, a person can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis. Fewer cars on the highway equal less emissions released into the atmosphere. Thus, carpooling is an earth friendly way to not only save money on gas, but also reduce global warming.

Replace Plastic Water Bottles with a Reusable One

Plastic water bottles create a vast amount of garbage in landfills, and many of the plastics used to make these bottles are not recyclable nor do they break down easily in landfills. Therefore, by switching plastic water bottles with a reusable bottle, a person can not only decrease the amount of trash in landfills, which contributes to carbon dioxide and methane gases in the atmosphere, but also can reduce the support that is going to companies that transport these plastic water bottles to the stores.

Recycle and Reuse

Many people tend to ditch items when they are broken, and purchase new items. However, by doing this, it creates more trash in the landfills, which contributes to global warming. Instead, by choosing to fix old items and reuse them, one person can considerably reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills and thereby, reduce oneís carbon footprint. In addition, simple recycling by sorting items out of the trash that can be recycled helps to keep landfills less full and again, reduces the carbon footprint.

Choose to Buy Local Products

The groceries a person purchases can have a huge impact on their carbon footprint. When a person chooses to buy items from local manufacturers, farmers, and producers, it supports products that required less transportation time and less energy to transport, thereby reducing the carbon footprint left behind. In addition, by choosing specific local products, such as coffee, has a huge impact on the environment, as most coffee beans travel long distances to get to grocers nationwide.

There are many easy and simple ways to reduce global warming. One person can change the amount of carbon footprint they leave behind simply by choosing to make changes such as implementing carpooling, recycling, and buying local products. Many fail to realize that global warming can be reduced if each person makes a conscious decision to take these small actions, which add up to huge results.